viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

Sharing economy: New app to share your food leftovers

To some extent, this activity is the other side of yesterday's. In Managing food shopping can help cash-strapped families we were give advice on how to save on our shopping list. Today we are going to find out about a new app which is aiming to help people in New York make better use of the world's resources by letting users pass on their uneaten food.

Self-study activity:
Watch the short BBC video clip and complete the blanks in the transcript with the missing words.

The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

There’s some delivery for you.
Thank you!
It’s dinner time, and after a long day at work it’s convenient to get your meal (1) ... to you to your home. But as a newcomer to the city I forgot how massive the (2) ... is. Check out this pizza. It’s enormous.
So I’ve managed to eat three (3) ... but I’m totally full now, so what should I do with this (4) ... pizza? Well, there’s an app for this. It’s called ‘Leftover swap’. So you just simply take a picture of your food and upload it, and hopefully, someone nearby will want my (5) ... pizza.
But who will be willing to eat (6) ... food from strangers?
It’s not for everyone. More people might be comfortable with (7) ...   ... food. One, one of the populations that we expect will love it is the (8) ..., (9) ...   ... .
Americans waste more than forty percent of the food they produce, so if it works, it’s a (10) ... idea. The app will be officially (11) ... later this month.
As for my pizza, Samantha, a friend of Dan, has come to pick it up. It may be a small contribution, but at least it didn’t go to (12) ... .
Mariko Oi, BBC News, New York

1 delivered  2  portion 3  slices 4  leftover 5  leftover 6 leftover 7 giving away  8 college 9  college crowd 10 noble 11 launched 12 waste