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A clean sweep

This is the first episode out of six of this video course for pre-intermediate students. It is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermediate 1 students. Watch the video and do the activities below.

Section one ( up to Helen: That does it!)
Watch the section and choose the correct option.

a) What time is it? Breakfast time or lunchtime.
b) Who is listening to music? Matt or David.
c) Who is reading? Jane or Helen.
d) Who is eating toast? David or Matt.
e) Who is drinking from Helen's cup? Matt or Jane.
f) Where is the milk? On the table or in the fridge.
g) Where is the bread? On the table or in the bread bin.
h) Where are the cups? In the sink or in the cupboard.
i) How is Helen feeling? Annoyed or cheerful.

Section two (up to Helen: Good)
Watch the section and complete the information on the rota.

Rota: 8th-15th September
Jane: - cleaning ....... + ........ at the weekend
David: - doing ...... + ....... on Friday
Matt: - cleaning ....... + ....... Mon-Wed
Helen: - ...... living-room + ....... Thur-Fri

Section three (to the end of the episode)
Watch the section and say whether these statements are true or false.

a) Helen's first rota wasn't a success.
b) Helen used the same rota for the second week.
c) Helen and Jane both went shopping.
d) David and Matt were helping each other to do the cleaning.
e) Helen destroyed the second rota.

You can self-correct the exercises by reading the transcript here.

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