miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Japanese beat the heat with Hawaiian shirts

Self-study activity:
Listen to this news report from NPR, which tells us about the latest ideas of some Japanese companies to cut costs and their effect on the workplace and dress codes.

Answer these questions:

1 Why are there power shortages in Japan?
2 How many elevators are working in the Environmnet Ministry?
3 What temperature have air conditioners been limited to?
4 How much energy does Super Cool Biz expect to save?
5 What would have happened if employees had worn Hawaiian clothes last year?
6 Are more Hawaiian shirts being sold?
7 Do administration officials approve of this new dress code at work?

You can read the transcript here.
1 Because of the tsunami and earthquake 2 Half of them 3 Eighty-two degrees 4 Ten per cent 5 They would have been fired 6 Yes 7 No