domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Google goes Gaga

Self-study activity:
This is an excerpt from the interview that Lady Gaga held at Google Inc. early this year. Watch this English Central clip and answer the questions below.

1 Where was Lady Gaga the first time she heard one of her songs on the radio?
2 Did Lady Gaga become an overnight star?
3 What was she going to do when she heard it?
4 How did she react?
5 When was the moment that she realized she was going to be a superstar?
6 Why didn’t Google want to be known that she was being interviewed today?
7 Why did Lady Gaga want it to be known?
8 What’s Lady Gaga’s work in any of her songs?

You can watch the whole interview with Lady Gaga in YouTube. It takes upwards of an hour and it comes complete with English subtitles.

1 Canada 2 No 3 She was about to start a show 4 She started crying 5 She doesn't feel a superstar even now 6 For security reasons 7 To promote her new album 8 She's involved in everything