lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

A dog's tale

This is the fifth part out of six of this pre-intermediate video course.

Watch the video without reading the subtitles and answer the questions corresponding to each section.

Section one (up to Julia: That's just what I was going to say. Thank you.)
Watch the section and complete each sentence with the correct option.

a) They are watching a horror film or a science fiction movie.
b) David thinks the film is stupid or interesting.
c) Helen think the film is good or frightening.
d) Matt thinks the film is exciting or boring.
e) Simon thinks the film is enjoyable or scary.

Section two (up to Helen: I don't know anything about it.)
Are these statements true or false?

a) Helen suggests tea.
b) Simon offers to make it.
c) David mentions a ghost in the kitchen.
d) It's the ghost of a woman.
e) Helen knows about the ghost.

Section three (up to Matt: Yeah.)
Complete the story using the correct active or passive verb form. Then watch the section and check your tenses.

Before this house ... (build), there used to be an old cottage here. An old man ... (live) in it, and he ... (have) a large black dog. And everywhere he ... (go), the dog ... (go) with him. It never ... (leave) him. The man ... (kill) in an accident. A new family ... (move) into the cottage, and the dog ... (take) away by the old man's sister. But that very first evening the dog ... (go) back to the house and ... (start) howling. The owners ... (chase) it away. But it ... (keep) coming back. Every night they ... (chase) it away, every night it ... (come) back and howled. Not long after that, the cottage ... (destroy) by fire. And this house ... (build) ten years later. When they ... (build) this house, they ... (find) the skeleton of a large dog in the cellar. And the neighbour says that sometimes, late at night, a dog ... (hear) howling.

Section four (to the end of the episode)
Answer these questions.

a) What does Simon tell Matt?
b) Why does Matt jump when Jane comes in?
c) What is Jane asking Matt?
d) Why does Matt switch the light back on in his bedroom?