viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

A perfect day

This is the second part out of six of the pre-intermediate video course we are posting these days, suitable for Básico 2 and Intermediate 1 students.

Today's episode is subtitled in English, so if you really wish to develop your listening skills you will have to scroll down the side bar up to a point where you cannot read the subtitles. You will not get full view of the movie, but you'll be seeing enough of it to follow the story and put your listening ability to the test.

Here are some activities you can do to test your comprehension of the episode.

Section one (up to Helen: Ready.)
Watch the section and choose the correct alternative for each question.

a) Who is Simon? Helen's boyfriend or a neighbour.
b) Why is she talking to him? She likes him or She likes his car.
c) What was the weather like yesterday? Very nice or not very good.
d) How did Helen feel about Simon's invitation? Nervous or pleased.
e) How did Helen feel talking to Jane? Uncomfortable or relaxed.
f) Why didn't she tell Jane about meeting Simon? It was a secret or she was too shy.

Section two (up to Matt: Ok. I'll go and get something.)
What does the following things, Jane, Matt or David?

a) Who suggests a picnic?
b) Who thinks it is a good idea?
c) Who offers to make sandwiches?
d) Who offers to help?
e) Who suggests a video camera?
f) Who offers to get some drinks?

Section three (up to Jane: It's just through here.)
Answer these questions.

How is Helen feeling while she and Simon are on the boat?
Why is Helen looking back?
How is David feeling?

Section four (up to the end of the episode)
Answer these questions.

a) Where were Simon and Helen hiding?
b) How was Helen looking while she was watching the video?
c) Why did Jane look at Helen?

Now you can watch the episode again and read the subtitles to check the answers.