lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Two commercials

Self-study activity:
The listening activities below are both taken from English Central and are meant to be designed for elementary students (A1 and A2), but I have my reservations about it. I think their level fits in the intermediate range. Anyway, everybody can give them a go.

Watch the commercials and fill in the blanks with the missing information.

Commercial 1: Eminem -Lipton brisk iced tea

I get asked to do commercials all the time and I always say the same thing.
First, I need some hot (1) ______________________s.
Second, we film at my house so I ain't gotta go anywhere.
Third, I record my own (2) _____________________.
Bring it, cool refreshing (3) _______________________, drink it!
But once I try their products, I always hate 'em!
So I bounce.
Damn! That is pretty (4) __________________!
But I got one final demand.
No, we can't change the name to (5) _____________________, shut up and drink it.
See? That's why I don't do commercials.

Commercial 2: Adidas this is the truth

Adidas: This is the truth
This is the truth.
I'm not the (1) __________________
Not the greatest of all time.
I'm not here to shout, boast, or preach.
I'm not the (2) _____________ (3) ___________________.
I'm not there yet, but...
I'm runnin' up on you.
I'm fast because I'm (4) _______________________.
I'm (5) ___________________ and fast don't (6) ____________________.

Key to Eminem:
1 chicks 2 song 3 iced tea 4 good 5 Eminem

Key to Adidas:
1 best 2 second 3 coming 4 light 5 D. Rose 6 lie