domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Customer Service

Self-study activity:
Watch this presentation about what offering good customer service means and answer the questions below.

Please, don't miss out the last minute of the presentation, as the man giving the talk reads out some webpage addresses, which can come in handy for us to learn how to do so.

1 What does £55 refer to?
2 Why did the shop assistant pick up a box?
3 How old is Mr Frankfurness’s son (the guy giving the presentation)?
4 How often do they shop in the son’s favourite shop?
5 Where does Mr Frankfurness’s son study?
6 What does the shop assistant do for 10 minutes?
7 What does the shop assistant do at the checkout?
8 What does the shop assistant do when they are outside the shop?

You can read the transcript here.

1 The difference in price between the two fax machines? 2 To read the characteristics of the fax machine 3 Eighteen 4 Every six months 5 In England 6 Establishing rapport (friendly relationship) 7 Some discount 8 He calls his son back and ask him to choose anything he wishes for free.