martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Use Twitter? Always Remember these three things

Use Twittter? Always remember these three things is an article from The New York Times Gadgetwise section, which Larry Ferlazzo drew my attention to.

This is the way it begins:

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s resignation on Thursday was triggered by a Twitter mistake last month that he admitted making.

The only sure way to keep electronic communications from falling into the wrong hands is not to send them at all. For most people today, that’s not a practical option. But you should always consider the risks of sending a message meant for private viewing over the world’s biggest instant-publishing medium.

And these are the three pieces of advice they strongly give:

1 Don’t send anything by direct message you wouldn’t want public.
2 Don’t presume protected tweets will stay private.
3 Turn on Twitter’s secure connection option.