domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Not working out

This is the fourth out of six parts of this video pre-intermediate English course, suitable for Básico 2 and Intermediate 1.

Remember that the video clips are subtitled, so if you wish to check your understanding of the videos, you will have to scroll down the sidebar on your PC up to the point where the subtitles are hidden, although it will stop from you from having a full view of the screen.

Now watch the episode and do the excercises. The episode is divided into four parts.

Section one (up to David weighing himself)
Watch the section and choose the correct option.

a) Matt, Jane and Helen are still hungry or full.
b) David enjoys eating or doesn't like eating.
c) Matt, Jane and Helen are amused by David or annoyed by David.
d) In the bathroom, David is checking his pyjamas or checking his stomach.
e) David is happy with his weight or worried about his weight.

Section two (up to David: Absolutely.)
David is thinking about joining an expensive fitness club.

How much is the club each month?
How much does he have to pay when he joins?
How many days does the club offer a free-trial period?

Section three (up to Tom: Ok, let's start.)
Number the following facilities 1 to 5 as they are mentioned.

a) excercise bike
b) treadmill
c) weight machine
d) rowing machine
e) free weights

Section four (up to the end)
Choose the best option for each of the questions.

a) What is the man in the gym trying to do? Be better than David or be as good as David.
b) Why is he doing this? Because he wants to beat a younger man or because he wants to become fit.
c) How does David feel when the taxi leaves? Pleased or disappointed.

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