viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Active Parks

Are there any parks around the area where you live?
Are the parks popular?
What activities do people usually do in these parks?
What other activities could also be done or organised?

Try to answer the questions above before visiting the website Active Parks, which I found out about through Jason Renshaw.

In Active Parks you can check for yourself the way some Australian parks are organised to make life more pleasurable for citizens. This is the presentation message on the website:

Think about your early childhood memories of family life.
Chances are it involved a park or a beach or a bush walk. Did your family go on a camping trip or picnic in the bush? Do you remember riding a bike along a trail or learning to catch that big wave or even that big fish? What about climbing a tree or skimming stones across a river? It was good fun, wasn’t it?
To encourage us all, a program has been developed to help Geelong get healthier, more active and connected to the great outdoors this Spring.
And, it’s easier than you think with the new Geelong’s Active in Parks website. We have plenty of advice and tips on great locations and activities to plan things to do.

Drop by Active Parks to develop your English reading skills and to find out more about what life in the Down Under is like as far as nature is concerned.