sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

Oldest marathon runner

Self-study activity:
Watch this news item from a local Edinburgh TV station about the oldest person preparing to run the Edinburgh marathon and answer the questions below.

1 Why did the oldest marathon runner go to Edinburgh?
2 How many marathons has he taken part in?
3 When did Fauja Singh run a marathon for the first time?
4 What’s the secret of Fauja Singh’s success, according to his coach and interpreter?
5 How many people are expected to take part in next year’s race?
6 What record did he break at Meadowbank?
7 How lond did it take him?

1 To open/launch entries for the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon
2 Seven
3 At eighty-nine
4 He´s looking for the secret himself but to many it´s God´s will and when he finds it he´ll let you know.  He loves seeing the wonders of the world that God allows him to see, maybe it´s that hunger to go and see more which is keeping him going.
5 Thirty thousand
6 The oldest person to do the 10,000 metres
7 One hour 27 minutes 45 seconds