viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

Talking point: Do you keep a diary or journal?

Keeping a detailed account of one’s life–whether the writing is meant for the writer only, posted on a blog for all to see, or shared with someone close to you- is common practice.

Do you take part in it?
Do you write or have you ever written for an audience or just yourself? Why?
Have you become more–or less–active in chronicling your life and times as you get older?

This our latest talking point, inspired in a similar post from The New York Times Learning Network.

If you wish to find out some background information about the topic, you can also read Dominique Browning's article Burning the Diaries, where she reflects on the role keeping a diary has played in her life.

Do you identify with Ms. Browning’s description of writing a personal account of her days?
If you write or blog about your life, why do you do it?
Does writing help you? If so, how?
Do you protect your writing from others, or do you want people to read it?
Has your personal writing ever caused you trouble with other people?
Even if you don't keep a diary or a personal blog you may know someone who does, and perhaps you can answer the same questions about that person.

When you get together with your conversation group, you may be surprised at some of your friends' opinions or experiences. You can use some of the expressions below to show surprise:

It can’t be!
I can’t believe you / it! / my ears!
Reply questions: Did you? Have you? Is she?
Exclamation: Oh dear! Oh my God! (That’s) incredible / Amazing!