viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Anecdote -A challenging experience

You are going to talk about a time in your life you did something challenging. First of all, listen to Laila talk about a time she did something personally challenging and answer the questions below to check that you have understood the main ideas in her anecdote.

a) What was Laila’s challenging experience?
b) How many people saw Laila act?
c) Why was the experience especially daunting and scary?
d) Was it Laila’s first experience in acting?
e) What were Laila’s feelings about acting when she was a child?
f) What were Laila’s worries about the experience she’s describing now?
g) What problem did she have?
h) Who noticed her mistake?
i) Why is acting such a positive experience?
j) Does Laila intend to carry on acting?

Now it's over to you. Think about a time in your life you did something challenging and exciting. Use the questions below as a guideline to help you structure your ideas.

What experience was it?
Who did you do it with?
Had you done it before?
What were your feelings before trying your experience?
Did you come across any unexpected problems?
Ifo so, how did you solve them?
How did you feel afterwards?
Are you going to try and do the same thing in the future?

a) She performed in a Shakespeare play, As you like it in an outdoor production. b) 300 people a night. c) Family and friends went to see her every night. d) No. She had acted at school, primary school and university. e) She was really scared, she had stage fright because she was so shy. f) She has got better, she isn’t that scared, but she’s still worried that she forgets her words, her lines, or someone tripping up or falling off the stage. g) She forgot her words, she mixed up her words. h) The guy who was playing her love interest in the play realized immediately, but nobody else, not even her mum noticed her hiccup. i) Because of the elation you have, you feel on high, the buzz you feel, the adrenaline boost makes the experience exciting despite the fears and worries you may feel. j) Definitely. Acting is really rewarding for her. She has done it all her life. She’s acted after the experience she describes on the video, she did it before, she’s going to do it in the future.