domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Making a first impression

We continue with our anecdote series, based on the idea of the Inside Out books, Macmillan Publishers. Today we are going to talk about someone who made an impression on us.

First of all, let's listen to a girl telling us about someone who made a big impression on her. Answer as many of the questions below as you can.

1 Who made an impression on the girl?
2 Where was the girl studying?
3 What subject did Jonis teach?
4 How old was he?
5 And the girl at that time?
6 What did he look like?
7 Who did he look like?
8 What did the girl find unusual about him?
9 What was the girl's question?
10 How did he react?
11 What did he reply?
12 What did he tell the girl in the second class?
13 How did they get on after that?
14 Why was he a good teacher for the students?
15 What does he do now?
16 When did she see him for the last time?

Now it's over to you. You are going to talk about someone who made an impression on you. Get ready to answer the questions below about the person you have in mind.

Who was it?
Where did you meet this person?
What was your first impression?
What/Who did he/she look like?
Did you notice anything special about him/her?
What did you talk about?
Did you find anything in common?
Has your first impression changed over the time?
How often do you see this person now?

1 A lecturer at university in New York, Jonis Cohen.
2 At the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
3 He was the principal acting coach.
4 Thirty-five.
5 Twenty-five.
6 Casual, he had deep, big brown eyes and an infectious smile.
7 Tom Cruise, but a little bit taller.
8 How open and honest he was, telling the students about his life straightway and to interact with him, and he invited the students to ask him questions.
9 Why are you teaching and not acting?
10 He was stumped, he was surprised by the question and took a moment to answer.

11 He both liked acting and teaching, because he wanted to inspire students.
12 That he had been thinking about the question, he had been talking to his acting coach, who said ¨you´re teaching, which is an amazing skill not everybody could do that, you are being an inspiration, gaining a fresh perspective, this is an amazing thing, it´s a gift¨
13 Fine, both the two of them together and the whole class with him.
14 Inspirational, encouraging, pushing you, made the students try to improve, and he also praised students.
15 He’s still a lecturer in New York.
16 Three years ago.