miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

A thousand words

A Thousand Words is a short film I discovered through David Deubel's great EFL Classroom 2.0 about the countless opportunities we daily find to connect and communicate with other people.

A Thousand Words is a silent film, so the main benefit for the English student derives from the possibility the film offers to develop the oral skills.

This is what we did in class with it. You may come up with some other ideas. Whatever you do, it would be better you tried and work with an English-speaking friend or relative, so the activity is more enriching.

Self-study activity:
  • Play the film and stop it right at 57 seconds. Can you predict the way the story will unfold?
  • Play the rest of the film through to find out whether you guessed right.
  • Now retell the story in your own words.
  • Retell the story once again, but this time make sure you use time adverbials to sequence the events in the film:
         First > Then / Later on / After a while / Afterwards > Finally
         Initially >                                                                > Eventually
         At first >                                                                > In the end
         To begin with
         At the beginning

The story also helped us to teach / remind students of these structures:
  • forget something (the place is not mentioned)
  • leave something somewhere (the place is mentioned)