sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Scarlett Johansson and Dolce Gabbana

Self-study activity:
Watch this ad featuring Scarlett Johansson and complete the blanks in the transcript below.

I think the activity is suitable for Básico 2 students.

Oh I love Italy! I had an Italian (1) ... once – his mother broke up with me.
How did I know it was a lie? I read it in your newspaper.
Well, a girl has to have a private life. It keeps the public (2) ... .
Music inspired me, art inspires me, but so does the (3) ... .
Yes, I can really sing. But you’ll have to pay me first.
Ah my favorite part of my body? I like my lips for kissing and for (4) ... that start with the letter ‘M’.
Foam slows down time, but a moment (5) ... forever.
I do all of my own stunts, even the love making.
Oh, I’ve played a physicists, a nanny, a (6) ..., an actress, a canibal, and a (7) ... .
An actress is the (8) ... 'cause you never know who you are.
I’m not an actress, I just play one in the movies.
Yes, I can (9) ... on cue, but the third take that’s for real.
The smell of sunshine is the best. You know what I mean.
I’m not looking for a million things, just that one perfect thing, (10) ...  .
That’s the one.

You can also watch this short interview with Scarlett Johansson recorded while she was shooting the ad. No transcript available, though, although you can activate the YouTube subtitles by clicking on CC on the lower side of the screen. They aren't 100% accurate but you can get a rough idea of most things she talks about.

1 boyfriend  2 interested 3 wind 4 words 5 lasts 6 surgeon 7 spy 8 hardest 9 cry 10 love