domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

A boy falls off an escalator in Turkey

Self-study activity:
Watch this BBC news video about a boy who miraculously saved his life after falling off an escalator in Turkey.

Watch the news item in the first place without reading the text, and try to understand as much as possible. Then complete the blanks in the transcript below as you listen along.

The boy was at the shopping centre with his dad, but ended up playing here. Watch the (1) ... circle closely. What probably began as a game became (2) ... dangerous, as the four-year old climbed on to the handrail a shopkeeper (3) ... him dangling from the escalator. He arrived just in time.

These (4) ... pictures show the boy falling from around four and a half metres, or fifteen feet above the shopping centre floor. His speed suggests he could have been badly (5) ... or even killed.

I noticed the child playing near the escalators. There was nothing dangerous at that time. I turned back to the store and I was told he was climbing on the outside of the escalator (6) ..., so I ran outside and saw he was about to fall down.

The shopkeeper said that he has (7) ... problems but he did everything he could to make sure he caught the little boy. The child’s name hasn’t been (8) ...  . It’s understood he wasn’t hurt and left the shopping centre soon afterwards with his father.

1 highlighted 2 increasingly 3 spotted 4 CCTV 5 injured 6 rail 7 health 8 revealed