lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Mathematics in movies

I learnt about Mathematics in Movies through Free Technology for Teachers a few weeks ago.

This is what Richard Byrne wrote about this unusual site which combines both science and films:

"Mathematics in Movies is a website developed by Oliver Knill, a Harvard Mathematics professor. Mathematics in Movies is a collection of video clips from popular movies and television shows in which references to mathematics are made. (...) The video clips from Mathematics in Movies could be a fun way to introduce a mathematics lesson. The clips might also be useful as a break from a traditional lesson plan for a day. Students can enjoy the clips while reviewing mathematics concepts."

Click on the picture below to be directed to Professor Knill's choice of over 150 film excerpts. The selection is accompanied by a short introduction where we are explained the kind of mathematical concept we are going to find.

If maths is not your field but you are a keen English student, you will come across lots of famous film scenes to practise your listening skill.