sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Change of dress

Change of Dress is the fifth installment of the video course for elementary students (Básico 1 and Básico 2) that we have been publishing this week. The focus of the episode today is on shopping.

Before watching this episode, make sure you understand this vocabulary which has to do with shopping for clothes:

expensive; cheap; gorgeous; tight; it’s got a stain; the label of a dress; a charity shop; it’s second hand; it’s torn; try the dress on

To review the episode, put these events in the correct order to tell the story. Then watch the whole episode again to check.

Alison went shopping.
Helen had an accident with Alison’s dress.
Jane, Helen, Matt and David met Alison in the High Street.
Helen told Alison about the accident.
Alison showed her party dress to Jane and Helen.
Helen took Alison’s dress out of the bag.
Jane, Helen, Matt and David went into town to buy another dress.
Matt and David arrived home.
Jane couldn’t remove the stain.
Helen and David found the right dress.

Once you are familiar with the story and the vocabulary, try to tell the story from memory in your own words.