miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

To the rescue

To the rescue is the second episode of the elementary video course that we started yesterday. It is suitable for Básico 1 and Básico 2 students.

On this episode we are practising the following:

Vocabulary related to breakfast and everyday objects.
Present continuous.
There is / There are.
Can / Could for possibility.
Can / Could for resquests (ask someone to do something for you).
Greetings (Hello! Good morning!) and farewells (Good-bye!).

Remember the video is subtitled and you may wish to check how much you understand first without reading the subtitles, so you will have to listen to the sound without watching the images or just scroll down the screen so that the subtitles are covered. This way you will only be able to watch half the screen, but that's better than nothing.

You can also try the following comprehension task. This summary of the episode has six mistakes. Correct them after watching the episode:

Jane goes to the post office to get some money but can't find her bag.  She telephones Matt. He finds it in the living room. Jane goes home by bus to collect it but can't find her keys. Matt doesn't answer the door because he's sleeping, so she telephones David. When David arrives home, Simon is trying to open the door.