jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

How much do you know about Kate and Will's wedding?

Kate Middleton and William are getting married this weekend. The event is on everyone's lips, and that gave Vicki Hollett, from Learning to Speak 'merican, the idea for this wonderful listening and speaking activity.

First of all, test yourself on your knowledge of both the wedding and the British royal family, and answer these questions:

Do you know much about the British royal family?
Do you know the names of the people getting married?
Do you know any other members of the royal family?
How do you know so many names?
Is there too much or too little about the wedding on TV?
Are you going to watch the wedding?

Now compare your answers with those of the American people Vicki interviewed.

You can read a transcript of what people say here.

Thank you for sharing, Vicki.