viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Spelling bee

This version of the traditional Spelling bee game has been presented to me through DDeubel in his latest choice of the best online language games.

The one advantage of this Spelling bee is that we can practise listening and vocabulary at the same time, as we listen to a story with some blanks in it that we have to complete by correctly writing the missing words we have just heard.

The game is intended for American primary and secondary students. That's is why the level of difficulty ranges from Grade 1 (6 years old) to Grade 12 (18 years old).

Spelling bee is suitable for English students of all levels. Básico students can start by doing the activities in Grade 1 and move upwards until they find a level that really suits them. Intermediate students can start at Grade 5 or 6 until they find something which is really challenging for them.

All in all, Spelling bee is really good fun and good revision practice.