viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

True Tube

DDeubel published a blog entry today on True Tube. This is what True Tube says about the site itself.

True Tube is a FREE teaching resource offering:
High-quality youth-led videos on social issues to inspire classroom debate.
Free resources and film-making tools to help bring your teaching to life!
A plethora of authentic material with a youth flavor for your classroom.

And this is what David comments on the site:

I’ve been on TrueTube since the beginning and watched it flourish as a go to site for great, critical content for educational use. In the beginning, a one woman show, now a big production. A real educational success story.

The materials are A+ and all the categories revolve around an issue. For example (because it is in the news), The Royal Family. Along with materials that you can directly use in class. Many, many categories/debates. I particularly recommend and have used – Beauty vs Intelligence and Degree vs Training.

So now that the exam is round the corner and we are trying hard to come across authentic meaningful material to watch or listen to, True Tube sounds like the perfect site for Intermediate 2 students to fall on.