lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

TeaTime Mag

Today English learners got wonderful news through Jeffrey Hill as he has informed on his blog about TeaTime Mag, a free online English language magazine.

The focus of TeaTime Mag is improving students language skills (reading, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary, mainly) while learning about the life and culture of the English-speaking world.

You can download the articles in PDF as well as the audio files. On top of that, all articles have vocabulary help and activities.

The articles are intended for intermediate and advanced students. TeaTime Mag is available in three languages for learning purposes: Spanish, German and French.

There is also a Teacher Edition with extra resources.

As it was said before, the publication is completely free.

Here is a video that explains all the details of TeaTime Mag.

TeaTime Video [No Subs] from Lingua Group on Vimeo.