miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Routine in the past

Now that the school year is coming to an end it is the right moment to revise some of the key grammar points that we have been studying throughout the course.

Regular and irregular verbs pose a great deal of difficulty for lower level students (Básico 1 and Básico 2), that is the reason why the activity Routine in the Past, from the blog The English you Need, is more than interesting.

By clicking on the image below you will be redirected to Patricia Perez's activity, which is divided into two parts: You have to put the pictures in the right order and complete the verbs in the text in the right form.

If you want to revise how to pronounce irregular verbs, check this blog entry.

If you wish to revise how to pronounce regular verbs, check this blog entry.

You can extend the activity by talking or writing about what you did yesterday or last weekend, using some of the verbs in this activity and paying careful attention to the pronunciation.

woke, looked, was, was, jumped, ran, took, had, was, got, put, cleaned, brushed, went, made, had, left, took, wanted, dropped, broke, picked, threw, went, put, went, closed, saw, waited, gave, looked, saw, was, was, needed