martes, 26 de abril de 2011

How to say numbers

Watch this video from Rebecca ESL, who is going to remind us how to say long difficult numbers in English.

This other video from Teacher Melanie is also very interesting, as it shows more complex aspects of the pronunciation of numbers:

-How to tell times (digital and analogical).
-How to pronounce the number 0.
-How to pronounce money figures.
-How to pronunce telephone numbers.
-How to read numbers in addresses.
-How to read large numbers in populations.

A word of warning, though. Teacher Melanie is a Canadian teacher and she explains numbers the way they are pronounced in America. But most of us are used to British English and a few things (not many) are different. So take into account the following:
-The analogical time is completely different in British English (see several entries on this blog).
-Using zero for 0 is quite safe in most situations, but British English uses nought very often.
-In sports, American English uses nothing (2-0=two nothing), but British English uses nil (2-0=two-nil).