jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

An old friend

This is the third part out of six in the video course for elementary (Básico 1 and Básico 2) students that we are featuring this week.

The focus today is on relationships. Who are the following people?
A friend - a colleague - a boyfriend/girlfriend - a fiancé(e) - a husband/wife

The past of both regular and irregular vergs is also introduced. Do you know the past simple of this verbs?
buy - do - fall (in love) - get (engaged) - meet - move - see - think - tell

In this episode we will also be revising some time expressions.
Expressions like Cheers, Really!, Sorry, Darling.
Invitations: Would anyone like a drink?

Remember the video is subtitled, and if you want to check your listening comprehension you will have to scroll down the screen up to the point that the subtitles are covered.

To check your comprehension of this episode, complete this summary by filling in the gaps.

Matt and ... are waiting in a ... for ... and David. Suddenly, Matt sees ... , his old ...  . Matt asks ... to help him. She pretends to be Matt's ...  . She says she's not wearing a ... because their engagement is a ...  . When she goes to buy a drink, ... and David arrive.  ... tries to help Matt, but unfortunately she also tells ... that she is Matt's fiancée. Matt and Jane are very embarrassed. Deb is very ...  .