domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

A long weekend

A long weekend is the sixth and final episode of the elementary video course.

Before watching the episode, make sure you are familiar with the following adjectives: exciting, historical, modern, beautiful, exotic, cold, dangerous, romantic, boring.

The present perfect is introduced in this episode. Make sure you know how to use this tense in English.

Also, try and remember the past and participle of these irregular verbs: take, eat, get, sleep, fly, go.

After watching the episode, read this summary and correct the eight mistakes the text has.

Jane read an advertisement for a holiday in Barcelona in a holiday magazine. Helen went there three years ago with her family and had a brilliant time. Everyone except Matt has travelled a lot. Matt has only been to Ireland. Jane helps Matt to book a ticket to Barcelona on the telephone. Matt is excited about the flight because he has never been on a plane. On the day of the holiday, Matt packs a small bag and takes a taxi to the airport. Unfortunately, he takes the wrong tickets. He has to return to the house and misses his flight.