domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Bill Gates house

Self-study activity:
Before watching this three-minute documentary on Bill Gates house in Seattle read the statements 1-9 below and try to predict whether the information is true or false.

1 You can find lots of groundbreaking technology in the house.
2 The situation of the house minimizes the impact on the natural surroundings.
3 There’s a lot of wood, glass and stone in the house.
4 The house was built after the Seattle Olympics.
5 Residents are all connected to the electrical gadgets in the house.
6 You can watch TV anywhere in the house.
7 The house might get a bit noisy when the house phones ring simultaneously.
8 Energy saving equipment is another key factor in the house.
9 The area where people live is not big.

Now watch the three-minute video clip and check your predictions.

You can read the transcript here.

All the statements except 4 and 7 are true.