lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

English speaking

English speaking is a blog we should turn our attention to on a regular basis, as it provides us with lots of invaluable information about how to develop communication strategies. For this reason, English speaking is extremely useful for English students, especially at Elementary and Intermediate levels.

The layout of English speaking is pretty straightforward, as most of the information revolves around  functions of the language such as how to keep the conversation going, making requests, softening, showing your attitude, giving orders, talking about plans, ordering food, and so on.

On top of that, the input is fairly limited, with what we never have information overload.

There's a short introduction to each of the entries before the 'language chunks' are presented. These language chunks are also shown in a linguistic context.

I am pasting here the entry about showing interest in what another person says:

To show interest in what the other person is saying, you don’t have to say much. You can use the words like ‘Really?’ (with a rising intonation), ‘Sure’ and ‘Right’ to show that you are really listening.

‘Did you know? Jake is going out with a French girl.’ ‘Really?’
‘I don’t think reality television shows are worth watching.’ ‘Right.’

Thank you, Laura Schwartz for providing us with this extraordinary tool.