domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Mother Love poem

Today is Mother's Day in Spain. A few weeks ago the day was celebrated in the UK and to honour mothers, Gavin from the language school St George International published this poem... without missing out the opportunity to help us improve our phrasal verbs.

This is the poem Gavin published, but please do visit St George International to find out the meaning of the phrasal verbs in bold and to check on some other online activities and resources they offer English students.

Mothers are there to look after and care
For you
In your life
No matter how you fare
In life
In love
The truth is
She will always be there.

When you grow up
There are things that you hate
You think of yourself
And never appreciate
Her help
Her love
Things that make her great.

You’ll always remember
That she tells you to turn down your music
Get on with your little brother
And take care of him when he’s sick.

It’s annoying that sometimes
To have to put away your clothes
Even though it’s your room
And anything goes.

She shouts “throw away things
That you don’t need”
I shout back
That I just want her to leave.

You find out you can’t
Go out or stay up late
But she’ll clean up your mess
And have dinner ready by 8.

When I’m sad or lonely
A hug is always there
You can’t take back
The love that she shared.

The older you get
The wiser you become
Look forward to seeing her
And realise
In life
In love
That there’s no one quite
Like mum.

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