jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

How do you use body language

"Body language is used every day by human resources professionals, law enforcement officers, teachers, and other people in positions of authority who need to make quick assessments about people they encounter. Those who can read body language know that:

55% of communication is nonverbal
The human body can produce 700,000 different signs
The fastest way to build a rapport with another person is to mirror their actions
7% of communication is verbal"

This is the striking beginning of a blog entry in the Cha Cha site, a website which answers the questions readers post.

If you read the Cha Cha blog entry you will the opportunity to find out more interesting details about what we give away with non-verbal communication and get to know about the hidden meaning of basic positions like
  • crossing our arms
  • touching our neck
  • dilated pupils
  • leaning forward
  • crossing our feet
You will also have the opportunity to download an infographic with some basic information.

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