viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

The five most affordable hotels in the US

Self-study activity:
Watch this MSNBC video clip with information about the best five hotels in the US their travel reporter has selected.

Four Season Hotel
The Palazzo
The Rosewood Inn
Sofitel Hotel
The Woodlands Resort

Which hotel does the following information refer to?
a) It’s not in a big city
b) You see a river from the hotel
c) Famous people go
d) Was built at the beginning of the XX century
e) You pay less than 150$
f) For lovers of the French experience
g) Near a stadium
h) If you love eclectic style and design
i) It has two very good restaurants

You can read a transcript here.

a) The Woodlands Resort; b) Four Season Hotel; c) The Rosewood Inn; d) The Woodlands Resort; e) The Palazzo; f) Sofitel Hotel; g) Four Season Hotel; h) Sofitel Hotel; i) The Palazzo