viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

One death provides life for many

From The New York Times Learning Blogs comes this reading activity about Julio García, a patient who died of brain hemorrhage and donated his lung, heart and liver.

Read the main article One Death Provides Life for Many and find the answer to these questions.

WHO was Julio Garcia?
WHO are some of the people whose lives he saved?
WHERE did his family and a group of recipients meet last week?
WHY, according to this article, is the world of transplants and organ donation a “charged” one?
WHY do you think many recipients and donor families choose to remain anonymous?
HOW many people are on waiting lists for transplants in the United States?
HOW many transplants were performed last year?
HOW many people are expected to die waiting for transplants this year?
WHAT are some of the things that made Mrs. Garcia agree to give her husband’s organs just after he died?
WHEN were the first operations scheduled for?

You can later on use these same questions as a springboard for conversation practice while you recap the contents of the article orally.