lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Men arrested for singing 'Funk Fu Fighting'

We have mention Newsy, a multi-source online video news service, on this blog several times.

I think we could make it a habit to drop by Newsy occasionally and choose some news items of our interest. The site has lots of benefits: fashionable current news; major TV stations as the source of news (Fox, ABC, BBC, CNN, and so on); a transcript of everything which is said in the videos.

Perhaps the one thing that the place is lacking in, from the perspective of an English student, is an activity to check comprehension so that we can obtain some feedback on our English level. That's not big deal, though, as listening and understanding are an aim in themselves.

On top of that, it is quite easy for us to check comprehension: Choose a news item you know very little or nothing about and after watching it ask yourself: What's this news about? If you do it with an English-speaking friend or relative, it can also give you the opportunity to develop your speaking skill.

So let's give this method a try with the news Men arrested for singing 'Funk Fu Fighting'. Watch the video and, in your own words, say what the news is about.

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You can read the transcript here.