viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

First female marine pilot

Self-study activity:
Watch this short profile about Jennifer Grieves, the first woman marine one pilot, and complete the transcript below with the missing words.

To me it’s really not about being a woman. It’s just about being a Marine and I think that, I think I’ve always had that (1) ... . And I flew as a co-pilot for a couple of years and then I got qualified as a what's called the White House Aircraft (2) ...  . And then 14 months ago I got designated as a Marine One so I’ve been allowed to fly the President for a while now which has been pretty, pretty honoring.

The guys came off from their (3) ... to fly with me yesterday in the other aircraft which I thought was kind of exceptional, and it meant the world to me.

When I first flew President Bush, it was the first female who would ever sat in the right (4) ... of this helicopter so, he came on board, and he walked in and he went to shake my hand and he kind of did a (5) ...  and he said, good morning, ma’am, and I said, good morning and he smiled at me, and I knew, I kind of felt what he was thinking, and he walked back to the back, and he was great ever since. So, just like President Obama, I think the fact that they both have daughters makes it a little more special for them and, I’ve been very proud to serve for both former President Bush and currently President Obama.

He always comes on board and says hi, he’s very friendly. He came in, he said hello, he said, hello to Major Marino and then he walked back to the back. And then we flew over to Andrews Air Force Base and he walked up the front and he gave me one of his personal (6) ..., and then he said he was very proud of us. He said he’s always felt like he was always in good (7) ... with all of us. He said he’s very, very grateful for the armed services and our service.

I tried very hard not to smile, and you know, I tried to be a very cordial one and I think the moment was (8) ... and it was a very special day for me, and then he said goodbye, and he walked off and he flew to New York and he did, uh, he did his job.

1 focus 2 Commander 3 day-off 4 seat 5 double-take 6 coins 7 hands 8 overwhelming