miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

The birth of Egypt

Self-study activity:
Today's listening task is aimed at Básico 2 students (elementary) and has to do with the myth that explains the origin of Egypt.

Watch the excerpt and complete the blanks in the script with only one word.

Osiris and Isis were central to the ancient Egyptians' religion. They believed the coming of these (1) … thousands of years before the beginning of history heralded the (2) … of Egypt. The Egyptians called this the beginning of time, when the gods (3) … the river and the land and brought civilization and prosperity to the Nile Valley. But then Osiris was (4) … by his brother Seth, and the land was plunged into terror and violence. Isis gathered her husband's dismembered body and bound it in linen. Then she changed into a (5) …, transporting the resurrected Osiris to a new life among the (6) … . Together, they ruled over the night (7) … for eternity. Isis and Osiris, the god of resurrection.

1 gods 2 birth 3 shaped 4 killed 5 birth 6 stars 7 skies