miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

The ultimate consumerist guide to complain

"Every so often, the plane doesn't leave on time, a wrong part gets shipped or a bank teller sniggers at your hat. If you're disappointed and want to tell the company, these tips will help your complaint see real results."

This is one of the attention-grabbing remarks from the How to guide The Ultimate Consumerist Guide to Fighting Back from The Consumerist.

The advice is divided into three clear-cut parts:
  • The route
  • The hardball route
  • The legal route
We will get tips that range from writing a complaint letter, to recording telephone calls to claiming in court.

In short, The Ultimate Consumerist Guide to Fighting Back is a light-hearted read that can be both useful for our English as students (we will be practising letter writing and lots of reading) and useful in real life.

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