jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Small Town news

Self-study activity:
Watch this segment from the David Letterman show where he informs about strange news he has heard about.

Complete the blanks in the script with the missing words.

Now this is from Minnesota, the Jordan Independent. Charles Whips, of Springlake Township, called to report (1) … … turkey vultures. Before a reporter, Brandon Ott, could get any closer for a picture, the birds (2) … away. Let's take a look. Oh, boy. It's true what they say: "A picture is worth a (3) … … ." "Well, what do you think? Should we go with that picture? That, uh... Yeah, let's go, let's run with that picture." Now here, Zanesville, Ohio. I think that's probably a smaller town. Zanesville, Ohio. The Times Recorder. Here's a little item. "(4) … … on Lee street. An (5) … reported seeing a (6) … with a cigarette start the blaze." Whoa, I gotta fly!

1 two giant 2 flew 3 thousand words 4 Grass fire 5 eyewitness 6 pigeon