jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Many teens fall short on sleep

Self-study activity:
This is a listening activity that may come in handy to prepare the listening paper of the EOI intermediate exam, which is just round the corner.

It is taken from a NPR radio programme on health, and deals with the sleep deficit lots of teenagers have.

Listen to the four-minute segment and answer the questions below:

What is considered a late time to go to bed?
What time do US students usually get up to go to school?
Why are teenagers irritable during the week?
How much sleep does the average student get?
How much sleep does the average student require?
Why do teenagers need so much sleep?
When do teenagers usually sleep during the weekend?
What time is recommend for teenagers to get up at the weekend?
What food should be prohibited after 2pm?
How long should the mid-day nap last?

You can check the answers by reading the transcript here.