miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Sad Friday

Self-study activity:
Watch this one-minute CBS video where Katie Couric comments on the effects of hurricane Katrina eighteen months after it hit new Orleans.

Complete the gaps in the transcript with the missing word.

Hi, everyone. Three days after (1) ...    ...  it is Sad Friday, and sad every day, in New Orleans. The New York Times reported yesterday that Habitat for Humanity, which promised to build (2) ... of homes after Hurricane Katrina destroyed almost (3) ... million, built just thirty (4) ... new homes in New Orleans. The housing crisis, which as we've reported has caused a (5) ... percent increase in depression among displaced kids, is not the only big problem facing the Big Easy. Historian and CBS news consultant Doug Brinkley, who lives in New Orleans, told us that the inability of the police department to get a grip on (6) ... , the inability of the (7) ...   ... to educate students, and the inability of the city to attract private (8) ... makes a lot of us wonder: "What are we staying for?" At some point, Brinkley says, New Orleans'  extraordinary culture may not survive extraordinary (9) ...   . That's a page from my notebook. I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.

1 Fat Tuesday 2 thousands 3 a quarter 4 six 5 four hundred 6 crime 7 school system 8 investment 9 mismanagement