sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

The Burj Dubai -Number dictation

Self-study activity:
Watch this video clip on The Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, and complete the gaps in the transcript with the missing figures.

The Burj Dubai is now the tallest building in the world. At (1) ... meters, it now beats the (2) ...-meter-tall Taipei (3) ... tower. Developer Emaar refuses to reveal what the tower's final height will be. But figures released by one contractor suggest around (4) ... meters. Other sources suggest it could end up over (5) ... kilometer high. The number of floors also isn't known, but elevator plans show at least (6) ... floors.

TheBurj Dubai has grown at a rapid pace, as these photographs show. Here, we are superimposing some helicopter shots from early May (7) ..., with shots from July taken just (8) ... days ago.

So Dubai is now home to the world's tallest tower. But the Burj Dubai might not keep this title for long. Just a few miles away, rival developer Nakheel is building the Al-Burj Tower. Some reports say it will be (9) ... meters tall.

But for now, this vast concrete spire is the tallest structure on planet Earth. Lisa Creffield, AME Info Broadcast.

(1) 512 (2) 508 (3) 101 (4) 808 (5) 1 (6) 195 (7) 2007 (8) 2 (9) 1200